Zatila is a dragon that appears in Hype: The Time Quest. Hype earned his services using the First Dragon's Breastplate , an artifact stolen by dishonorable men from the dragons . In every era , he hel ps Hype to charge the jewels with energy from the sky . He is immortal and he has eternal life , so he is seen in all the four eras . He had a bad opinion regarding the nature of mankind , until Hype proved him that not all men are evil . He was also the one to give Queen Lyzothe the Sword of Peace , which he was happy that it got into the time knight's hands .

Era of Taskan IEdit

In the era of Taskan I , Hype and Zatila first met . By giving him the First Dragon's Breastplate , he was able to recruit his services and power up the Royal Jewel with energy from the sky .

Era of Taskan IIEdit

In the era of Taskan II , Zatila continued to aid Hype , now by helping him power the Jewel of Mankind . It was confirmed to him that the brave knight is noble and good when he saw him wearing the Mythical Armour .

Era of Taskan IIIEdit

In the era of Taskan III , he receives his own mission from his masters . He became the guardian o

Enosts castle

Zatila giving advice to Hype

f the Jewel Room , which held the Jewel of Virtue . He helped him charge it with energy from the sky . He also helped him to reach The Black Tower .

Era of Taskan IVEdit

In the era of Taskan IV , he helped Hype charge Jewel of the Gods , and also helped him to reach The Black Tower . He was killed by Voydh .

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