The Monastery is where monks live . It is guarded by templar knights . Every time the bell rings the priests must go to their rooms to meditate .


Era of Taskan IEdit

In the era of Taskan I , the king , a former ally , became their enemy and the two were on the brink of war , which was inevitable . The result was the victory of the king , making the Monastery change their lifestyle ....

Era of Taskan IIEdit

Following the war with Taskan I , the monastery council decided to close the monastery because they lost their grace and honor . Taskan II also kept his Flag of Taskan II there. Karon also has a copy of the key to it later on in the game.

Era of Taskan IIIEdit

In the era of Taskan III , the monastery became an ally in the Civil War of Torras .

Era of Taskan IVEdit

In the era of Taskan IV , the monastery was considered useless by Barnak and was closed .

Known MembersEdit

Era of Taskan I, II, III, and IVEdit

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