The Room of the Champion was a secret room in The Fortress , built after the Era of Taskan III . It's entrance was covered by fire , that could only be extinguished by a particular ice spell . After the Era of Taskan IV it will become Hype's room , as he will become champion of the civil war . After rescuing Taskan IV , Queen Lyzothe and Bhobard , Hype meets the spirit of Gogoud , now a guardian of time , that gives the time knight important informations about Barnak and tells him that a god is waiting him in the Lost City .


  • There are numerous Ubisoft references here , the company that created Hype - The Time Quest . The Symbol of Ubisoft - Rayman , is drawn of Hype's bed , there is a picture with Hype and a reference to a racing game of Ubisoft .
  • Tania is an easter egg in the room of the champion.

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