Queen Lyzothe is a queen of the kingdom of Torras. She entrusts the Sword of Peace to Hype, which was given to her by Zatila. She is wife of Taskan IV. Following the attack of Barnak, he was imprisoned into the Fortress' Dungeons. She was released by Hype. Lyzothe is approximately 37 years old at the beginning of Hype: The Time Quest.

Lyzothe is the daughter of King Lekler of the long-forgotten and war-torn kingdom of Liore. While fleeing her kingdom to seek refuge in the kingdom of the young King Taskan IV, Lyzothe found Hype while he was just a newborn, under the only living tree in the battlefield. She took him to the Kingdom of Taskan IV where he was raised and trained by the King and herself to be a knight.

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